Friday, January 1, 2010

inaz went to Z0o0o0o0o

yeay!! i went to zoo for the 2nd time but this is like private party hanging out with my hottest mum in the world!! woot wooottt...since papa went to suluk, mummy decided to bring me to zoo..i am sooo damn excited!!

ok, mummy actually buy me some keledek so i can feed the deer , but tooo bad, i am so penakut with the deer..u see the teeth,its like grrrrrrrr gimme the food now! i bet he gonna my tiny minnie finger...huh!

ok,i always saw goat at wan's house but i`m still jakun , so what? do you see kambing everyday in kl ??

posing with deer again , huh boringgg

giraffe mummy!!! lookkk...what does it look so damn long compared to the book???

this is funny, i saw the elephant pope big time!! hahahahha

this is my ulik mayang pose, gotta from mum obviously!

"mummy,tak comellah!" i told mummy, buy mummy make me wear it, no point right? its not like you gonna see my face or something :P

mum, your the best mum in the world for buying me the best umbrella in town! i cant even tell if rain or not now but i`m pretty sure i wannaa hold it even in my dream :D

till then!! adiosss :)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Snowing @ Pavillion!!!

its really snowing at pavillion! yeay!!! me so happy x0x0 heart mummy for bringing me there!!!
we reach there around 7 :57 pm, mummy wanted me to catch the snowing time from 8-8:30 ,they did countdown for the snow like 10,9,8,7,6...2,1 and its really snowing!! you should see how my face turn so damn jakun seeing this..i am soo excited , trying to reach one of the foam bubble but too bad the giant unlce infront of me been blocking all the foam to come to me bebeh! lucky i have energetic nanny who excited more than i do hahahahha...

anyway, its day 7 without papa :( , he went to suluk and mummy did alot of activies with me so i didnt get bored with her hehehehhe... love mummy muaxxxx x0x0 :)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Princess and Frog

this is my first time watching movie with mummy yesterday, it was hummm boring? , i believe i can only sit quietly like what 20 minutes but hey i love the song!! thay make me danced till the end of the song and basically thats it huhuhuh.

ok ok,enough on movie , lets talk about my kindagarden,is this how to spell is??
anyway, mummy went to few places like smar reader, i personally enjoy SR, lots of friends of my age but papa said its not very islamic at all and mummy said it cost her 3,500 per year which i guess a lot hehehehehhe
then mummy keep on cally atfal kids at ukay perdana, mummy keep on talking about sending me to atfal to papa everyday and she even keep on calling the school to ask for any empty places, too bad its all full..mummy said they got swimming class for 3 years old me!
then mummy went to qasrina without me :( , mummy said there was even crazierrrr...errrk is that a word? anyway, they charged mummy for 4950 per year arghhhh
i also went to tadika suria ( heck nooo, theres no toys ok!)
qdess - mummy said they gave too much work
finally mummy decided to send me to krista! i love krista!! they gonna teach me on toilet train on pope and pee thingy hehehehhe , there also theme everyweek to be followed, a few games computer, jawi class, prophet story telling,feild trip yeayyyyyy

24 dec like next 2 weeks will be the 1st orientation...yeay! i am sooo going to school!! ( even its for half day wink: wink: )

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Hari Raya 2009

lamanya inas tak update blog ! becoz mummy forget pasword blog inas :( , abih miss all inas update okey..
anyway, inas nak ucapkan selamat hari raya to alllll... bestnye raye kali nih, a week before hari raye inas went to wan house @ pekan, sangat jakun tgk lembu dan kambing..eheheh , inas sayang wan! inas follow pegi school tau :)
raya tahun ni inas raye kat banting ,best sebab ade pak de ngan maksu, ramainye org nak dokong inas :), duit raye inas ade 435.50 dah masuk bank islam, tengah tunggu duit raye dari pak ngah ngan mak ngah nih :P

ok, yang ni mase raye kat umah mak ngah kawan nanny, butang baju inas dah tertanggal mase nih :( , tapi baju kebaye ni cantik je inas pakai eheheheh :)

papa sangat tak kasi inas mkn rocky nih, tade simbol halal papa kate, tapi atuk bagi :P

muke vouge inas dgn atuk ensem :P
comelkan inas pakai songkok pakde :D

hahahahhaha :D

ok inas over posing pulak :P

inas buat buat tido ngan pak de :P

inas jeles papa dodoi baby lagi satu tu, mane boleh!

ini makcik wahida , sepupu mummy , kesian makcik wahida,kecik kecik dah jadi yatim tau sebab atuk aris dah lama meninggal ..

haaa, ni baru baju raye inas, mummy beli kat jalan TAR mase mlm raye, 35 ringgit je tauu ade beads lagi!!

inas penyek mummy & papa!

inas main bedak moyang ;) , papa tak nampak takpe :P

selamat hari raya semua!!

owh lupe nak ckp , inas dah ade facebook jugak :) , add inaskamalyna

Thursday, July 23, 2009

cosmo world , times square

yeay!! the bestest day in my life!! i`ve been so damn jakun seeing all the big giant flowers all around me, not only that! i went for a 'tut tut' ride..yeay me!!!!
i love you mummy!!!! :D , after a long 2 weeks busy day, mummy finally take a leave from office and spend a day with me!! yeay! we were there from 11 am till 3:30 , its fun eventhou i can see mummy and papa keep on yawning like zillions time...hehehhehe , owh owh the admission fees was quite expensive like rm38 perperson but again , mine was FREE , they took a count on my height and of i did not pass the kangaroo steel..yeay!!! free me hehehehhehe :D

me inside the car waiting for papa to drive me to time square woooootttt!!

me outside the theme park

me with mummy!!!

look at my face!! i am sooo jakunnnn :P

again my jakun face...hehehhehe :P

this is dangerous ok!

love muax muaxxxx

wait mummy, let me do my peace first!!

mummy said this is good for my brain development , ya rite!! :P

hi mariam:P

halaweh toy house! i`m lovin it :)

love the abstract!!
halo halo, i need two pizza hut for my fat mummy and papa now please !!
mummy, please dont get mad , papa are the one who teach me how to do these okey!!

i uu, u love me,we r epi family..lalalalal

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Wedding Fair

again ?? borink lah mummy, i have to wear the tshirt again?? the sad thing is, i am so cirit birit during this tak best!!!!

me jln jln to find good movie to watch!

and the dinasour eat papa nose!!! aummmmmmm

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